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Employee Satisfaction Survey FAQ

What is the purpose of this form?

Principally, to carry out a survey among employees to receive feedback on a specific (or broader) subject. It could be about their general well-being, as well as asking their opinions on the company, the salary, or the fact that Joffrey is a loud chewer. C'mon man, not cool. The guys from below came to file a formal complaint.

Pro tip: If a survey is anonymous, the participants are more likely to complete the form and provide more honest answers.

What questions should the form include?

There are some referential questions that you can follow as a guideline. However, you should definitely include some that apply to your workplace concretely. Look at your employees in the eyes and think to yourself: "What do I want to know about you?". But please, don't be creepy. This is supposed to be a way for everyone to feel more comfortable and happy in their job.

Some subjects to treat could be:
  • How heard they feel.
  • How aligned with the company's goals they are.
  • How motivated and engaged they feel as per their work.
  • Everything related to bonuses, the relationship between salary and performance, the workplace environment, or the average level of satisfaction.
Keep in mind that, although generic, these are just some examples.

Why should I use this form and not a standard Word document?

Several reasons. First: when comparing the customization options of both... let me tell you: it's not even close. Our format offers a more painless way to collect the data. And it's really not to brag about it. Honestly, it simply does a better job at grabbing people's attention. Besides, all the forms have built-in analytics that allows for an easy way to view its statistics. Lastly, they're quite simple to move around: anything from sending a link to embedding it to the company's internal website (or whatever you guys use to keep track of things).

Aren't you convinced yet? Well, perhaps you should do a survey among your employees to see what they think about it.

What else do I need to know to conduct a survey?

Feel free to check our ultimate guide: how to design a survey.

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