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Feedback Form FAQ

How do I know if these forms suits my needs?

This is an easy one. Are you a part of a center or organization interested in the valuable feedback of its students, teachers, events, or employees? Yeah, thought so. This is a powerful tool that will allow you to gather information regarding the general viewpoint and opinions of your beloved school or specific workplace. It works effectively with children, as they will feel more comfortable with cool-looking online surveys than they would with classic, dull, paper ones. Make sure to let them know this was a conscious decision to collect some precious style points and stand out as the preferred "adult".

Can I customize these templates?

Sure! It wouldn't be as effective if you couldn't. These templates offer a display of generic questions you can pick from, but feel free to edit them as you please. In order to increase the survey finish rate, it is a clever idea to survey some questions your audience would like to be asked or topics they would appreciate were being talked about. Besides, color, fonts, or design are also there for you to play with them until you find a style that accommodates your needs.

How can I share the form?

Once you have finished the template, gaze at it for a minute with a smug look in your eyes. Then, think about what the better way of forwarding the form can be. Perhaps a list of every student's email (or colleagues) is in your power. If that's the case, problem solved. Another common option is to embed the form on an accessible profile (like an online campus) or a social media page. Up to you to ensure your creation fulfills its destiny.

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