Customer Communication Survey Templates

Customer Communication Survey FAQ

How do I know if these surveys are suitable for me?

It's easier to tell than you could've thought. Stand in front of a mirror with a freshly cooked egg and a couple of strawberries. Then ask yourself: Do I care at all about the communication in my relationship with customers? Does any of my company's goals contemplate improving this aspect? If the answer comes remotely close to a "yes", this is for you. Oh, the food? Well, we figured you'd be hungry after being so invested and committed to the improvement of your business.

Are the templates customisable?

Of course! We wouldn't be as cool if they weren't. Since each company is its own world, the options to tweak around the text, images, color, design or questions give you the freedom you need to transform a generic (although quite professional) survey into a personal product.

How can I use these surveys?

This is mainly up to you. Depending on the way your company works, and the relationship with its customers (Ironic, huh?), email lists, social media, or your business' website might be among the ways we'd recommend you to share a survey.

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