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Video Production Request Form FAQ

Why should I utilize this form?

It's a way for you to be able to discover the professionals that will fit you best. Once they complete the form, it will be an easy tell on whether you want them or your team or not. No hard feelings involved, just a quick, straightforward, adapted-to-our-time method. In addition, as you're going to see on the following question, there's a lot of room for you to work with. Pick your favorite template, brainstorm the questions you usually ask your potential customers, and enjoy a glass of water. The latter part is to make sure you stay hydrated while maintaining the image of a video production studio that cares about its customers.

How customisable is it?

Is "a lot" a sufficient answer? Assuming the opposite, here are some of the things you can modify to your preference when working on any of the available templates:
  • Colour palette, font, sizes... it's always pleasant to get the basics out of the way.
  • The questions. Turn the house upside down, go crazy, embark on a career as an abstract nihilistic artist. There's so much flexibility. Add some questions, discard some, edit some others. Don't allow society to dictate what's good or bad. However, if the questionnaire is 200 questions long, you might not find anyone brave enough to finish the application.
  • Feel free to include some images, enhancing the uniqueness of the form and your services. A logo here, an image of your video production studio there, a red panda... It's up to you! (although red pandas are usually a good hook).
  • Finally, like many of our other forms, a place for applicants to be able to forward payment. This option might be an optimal feature for you, making it even easier for both parts to get started.

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