Courier Delivery Form Templates

Courier Delivery Form FAQ

Who is this form for?

The Courier Delivery form is directed at, essentially, any businesses offering courier service. I'm sure you already guessed that. No matter the details of your company, if when a customer places an order you can say: "Hey, would you like this package to be delivered by a courier, so you get it faster?", this request form is probably for you. If you're looking to hire some more platinum deliverymen, we heard the whole cast of "Fast & Furious" and Sonic the Hedgehog work as couriers whenever not involved in a movie.

Are the templates customisable?

Sadly, as much as "Fast & Furious" plots. Almost everything on any of the available templates is up for you to edit and align with your taste or necessities. Change the colors or the font. Maybe Comic Sans if you want people to know you don't have a care in the world. Remove some questions and add some new ones, or even include a blurry picture of a courier on the road just to show how fast they are.

How can I use this form?

Usually, the most efficient way of employing the form and ensuring it'll reach customers is to embed it on your website or social media page. In this specific case, though, it's optimal to allow the user to access it upon selecting delivery options.

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