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Shipping Request Form FAQ

What is this form's purpose?

The shipping request form is having an existential crisis right now, so we'll take that one. A request form is a tool that helps businesses that have to deal with any kind of shipping process. This is made by providing users a simple form from which they can place their order, get a quote and select all required options without any messy inconvenience involved. The form can be automated, which means nothing will interrupt your evening yoga class this week.

Is it customisable?

As much as there are different companies. All of our available FREE templates allow for a broad spectrum of customization. Would you like to go for a more Comic Sans-ish font? You could, but don't do it! Want to get rid of the default color palette? Sure, whatever... Maybe you'd like to include some different questions or tweak the existing ones? You might want to become our CEO at this point. Just kidding, go for whatever style suits your needs, this is a judgment-free zone. Also, there is an option for you to include payment methods through the form itself, where you can specify your shipping quotes or whatever, man.

How can I use it?

Since we're talking about a company that wants to provide this form to its customers, using your website or social media pages as the designated places to embed the form sounds like a reliable option. This is also the best option if you offer international shipping. On the other hand, you could always hand-deliver printed sheets with the form, like in the Mesozoic. #ThrowbackThursday

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