Skin Care Consultation Form Templates

Skin Care Consultation Form FAQ

Is this form suitable for me?

As long as you offer skincare services, definitely. It doesn't really matter what label you place your business under, as long as the skin state of whoever enters your business has improved once they leave. For all we know, you could be some sort of wizard or shaman. Hey, and that's okay! Don't hex us, please. We have already been cursed with astonishingly cool forms.

What questions should I ask?

You're the skin magician here, but perhaps we can give you some ideas. The point of the form is to collect every piece of information you require in order to carry out an efficient treatment. With this being said, you should probably ask the potential clients for any pre-existing skin condition, the skincare routines they follow, or the products they typically spread on their faces before bed. Just make sure to gather everything you need!

PRO TIP: Ask for a preferred conversation subject in order to avoid awkward silences!

Can I edit the templates?

It would be disappointing if you couldn't. Make sure the template looks exactly as you pictured it in your head while reading these entertaining FAQs, whether it is a fairy-themed or emo-oriented look, you can manufacture it here.

Also, make sure to note that it is possible to include payment methods inside the form, in case if that's the way you roll. Nothing wrong with it. Gotta make sure no shiny-skinned rascal goes for a marathon when it comes to paying. Better safe than sorry.

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