Why should you do 360 degree feedback once a year

We all want to be better managers, leaders, and employees. One of the most effective ways to do this is by completing a 360 feedback review process at least once a year.
Why should you do 360 degree feedback once a year
A 360 feedback review will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as blind spots. This means that you will be able to create an action plan for your career development or management skillset improvement while identifying areas of opportunity for growth to achieve success on the job.

If you're looking for more information about why it's important (or not) to complete a 360 feedback review, read on!

How 360-degree review can help you to advance your career

360-degree review can help you to advance your career or get promoted by identifying areas of opportunity for growth. This means that you will be able to improve yourself in the process and create an action plan for success on the job while getting better at what you do.

During the survey, you collect feedback from your co-workers, subordinates, and your boss. The reason it's so effective is that you get feedback from several points of view. This means that you will be able to learn about different perspectives and how others perceive your performance on the job.

Another benefit of a 360-degree review is that it can reveal hidden patterns and habits that could potentially limit success in certain areas of life without anyone noticing them before. We all have blind spots that can limit our effectiveness on the job. If somebody told me about mine 10 years ago, who knows where would I be now.

Advantages of the 360-degree feedback

There are many benefits of completing a performance evaluation. Here is just a few of them:
  • You will get honest and unbiased feedback from the people that work with you daily, which means seeing things as they are without sugar-coating it - this can be very useful if you want to grow your management or leadership skills.
  • You will get information that can be used to create an action plan for your career development and management skillset growth which means you won't stay where you are now. That's why it's so effective.
  • You will know your strengths and weaknesses. If someone tells you, don't believe it until you get a second or third opinion from other people to make sure that this is true!

Disadvantages of the 360-degree evaluation process

There are also some disadvantages of the 360-degree feedback process:
  • This can be time-consuming - you have to set up each interview, collect it and then analyze what all this information means to act upon it which takes hours or even months depending on how much data do you need. The easiest way of collecting those reviews is to use pre-built survey templates that we have created for you.
  • It can be uncomfortable - to ask your subordinates, co-workers, or boss about how they feel about working with you, but this is the only way to know the truth! Also, if you want to grow you need to develop a habit of fearlessly getting into uncomfortable situations.
  • You will get honest feedback which can be hard to hear - if you're not ready for it, then the process may result in some negative emotions.
  • You need to come up with good reasons why your co-workers should invest 30 minutes of their time into writing down feedback for you - otherwise, they may decline to participate which means you won't get valuable feedback. So think about the benefits for THEM in participating in this survey and make sure you communicate them.
  • You may get biased results. if your co-workers don't like you, they might provide too many negative reviews about you. You should then get someone uninvolved to read through the feedback to make sure that it's accurate and unbiased.

A good reason why you should do this at least once a year

To improve you need to know what aspects need to be developed. If you reading this post, I'm sure you already have a few ideas of those areas. But think about things that you don't know. It's like playing a game of soccer without knowing all the rules. The more feedback you get, the better are your chances to have a big picture of how others view your performance on different aspects which means being able to move faster towards success.
Faster is the keyword here. What's the difference between those who take 360 feedback reviews once in 10 years and those who complete this process every year? The first group will advance their career at a snail's pace, while the second one is moving towards success and growing at an accelerated rate.

This process is not fun and it's very time-consuming but based on my experience, I can tell that it's worth it. When you complete the process, I guarantee that your performance will improve and all those benefits of the 360 feedback review stated above will come to life!

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