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Job Satisfaction Survey FAQ

Why should I do a satisfaction survey?

There are way more reasons to do them than there are to not do so. Your employees will feel like when your parents embrace you in their arms after you've had a bad dream and like warming your bare feet by the fire after playing in the snow. All at the same time. A key part of a productive business comes from the well-being and satisfaction of its employees. Make them feel their opinions matter and then act to prove they do. Be a good boss. You don't need to be the best, but you sure can be better. How? A satisfaction survey might be a decent start.

By the way, the subtle yet thoughtful touch to these surveys is to make them anonymous. More people will feel like committing to them and you will end up with more honest results!

What are the customisation options?

We allow for full creativity. We like to think we play the role of the cool, motivational teacher in elementary school that wants you to become whatever you desire to be. Change the font of the questions, the order in which they're placed, or even include some new ones! Also, we encourage you to add logos or images that fit the theme and overall moods, such as happy employees or a fan art about a utopic society in which the workplace hierarchy signifies nothing when it comes to treating other people with respect and decency, inevitably flowing upon a happier, healthier human race.

Also, you can change the colors!

Why would I employ an online survey?

Because it's 2021, man. It's time for businesses around the world to keep up and evolve along with society's needs. Everyone carries a phone around, and most people have computers. Send this form through email (or the way that fits you best) and use the time and money saved on a camping trip or contribute to your local food shelter. For real, though: this works. Everything is more convenient for the employee, as this method puts no pressure on them and the "interviewer effect", in which people change their answers because of the in-person factor, is eliminated.

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