Employee Motivation Survey Templates

Employee Motivation Survey FAQ

Who is these forms targeted at?

Mainly small-medium businesses, HR managers or supervisors. Anyone who is in charge of a group of people they care about, at least a little bit.

Why should I survey employees about their motivation?

Why SHOULDN'T you? It's a great way to keep track of the general mood of the office, as well as receiving feedback on everything that allows for a margin of improvement. Also, it can be effective to gather hints on whether or not your workers are plotting to slaughter you. If some of the answers are on the lines of: "We're watching", or "Little Jimmy is never safe", perhaps you should be looking for another office to survey on.

Are the forms customisable?

All of those forms are, in essence, the basis of a masterpiece yet to be carved in God's wood. They're pretty cool, and you have the power to make them even cooler. Nice, huh? Some of the features you are probably interested about are the following:
  • Sending an email automatically upon successful completion of the survey.
  • The option to make it anonymous (your employees and the honestly level of the results will for sure appreciate that).
  • Pretty colors, images and sick fonts.
  • Being aware that only great bosses do surveys and only even greater people care about each other. Being a loving human is so badass.

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