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Employment Satisfaction Survey FAQ

What are the benefits of using an online survey over a Word document?

Put in a straightforward way: everything's easier and better-looking. Every piece of data is collected automatically, and statistics are shown thanks to the built-in dashboard. You can let go of many worries and enjoy a cocktail instead. Or a tea. Or a hot chocolate. Drinking alcohol during office hours might not be a wise idea.

How can this form assist our company?

Surveys remain a remarkable way to keep track of your employee's motivations and problems. This way, although it is recommended you activate the anonymous filter due to it usually gets better, more honest results, they will feel heard and know their problems matter to the company. No one likes to feel like a number. This ain't the "Modern Times" era. Treat your people with decency and a tablespoon of love and they will never forget it.

Can I include the company's logo on the survey?

Absolutely. The logo, stock images of random offices to create a mood, or even pictures of that time everyone went on a camp trip by the lake. The possibilities are close to endless. The only dam stopping the everflowing river of creativity is your own imagination. Also, you can tweak the fonts and colors to your preference. The time for dull, greyish documents is over. Just like that kid from "Malcolm in the middle" once said: "The future is now, old man."

This is my first survey. Can you help me?

Sure. We've put together a complete guide on survey planning. Check this out before launching a survey.

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