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Vacation Request Form FAQ

Who should utilize this form?

These templates should be given as the go-to vacation request for employees of any kind. It doesn't matter the type of role they fill or the place they occupy, as the form is meant for a vast variety of them. If you're a cool boss who is committed to providing their team with a cool-looking option in regard to their vacation, boy do we have some news for you... hurry and pick up one of these templates. Not because we'll run out of stock, but rather because the sooner you start utilizing them, the faster everyone will praise you over your decision.

What are the benefits of using an online vacation request form?

More than you could ever imagine. It's cheaper, faster, gathers data in a much more simple, straightforward way and it's easier to compel engagement among the employees who wouldn't feel right about asking for a vacation request in the corporeal world. An online alternative that doesn't ask you to hurry up or stare at you creepingly is an excellent fit for any business.

What are the customisation options?

Anything from the font or colors to the option of an automated email upon successful form submission. A thoughtful touch is to tweak the questions and slides in a way that makes your workers feel heard, known, and like their request is legitimate. Don't vacation-shame them, everyone needs a break! And we're confident they've earned it. Despite the broad variety of customizable options we offer, the one thing you should never change is the respect towards the people in your company (and, well, everyone else).

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