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Emergency Contact Form FAQ

Is my form suitable for my business?

As long as there can be emergencies on it, then yes. Cool, right? Whether you work in a hospital or any kind of health center, a hotel, or a swimming pool filled with reckless children attempting to backflip and walking the thin line of looking cool at the expense of a broken neck, you can use this form!

What options does it offer when it comes to emergency contacts?

All of those you need. Once the form has been successfully submitted, you can receive an email with the details pretty much instantly. The faster, the better. Also, you can connect the form (works with any template) with your CRM in order to synchronize the emergency contacts. Yes, we like to joke around, but we'd also appreciate it if we could play a part in saving someone's life, which is pretty cool.

Can I customize these templates?

Definitely. Just make sure to do so whenever there's no emergency. Imagine someone losing their foot because you were trying to find the right font for the questions. It wouldn't be a very memorable moment, would it? In any case, there are plenty of options you can tweak. This includes the color, the questions, or the ability to add media on any slide. Maybe an image of a successful medical intervention to raise the morale or a joyous-looking kid with his brand-new prosthetic legs to show there's a whole new life after an accident!

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