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Attendance Form FAQ

What is this form for?

Given the apocalyptic vibe we've all been living on for the last episode of this planet's history, it has become essential to keep acute attendance tracking on, well, anything. Even if COVID isn't particularly an issue for your event, the Attendance form allows you to keep meticulous track of every person coming to Jessica's surprise birthday party (don't tell her), Tuesday's geography lesson at your high school (or homeschool, nowadays) or the MET Gala. You see, it's a flexible option that fits a vast number of situations. As you see, this online, short, registration form stands out as a key tool for students and teachers alike.

Is it customisable?

You bet. Almost as much as Jessica's party decorations. Any of the templates include a broad fan of options when it comes to reaching the true potential of your digital expression as an artist. Modify the text font, the colors, the questions, and everything you require. We bring the tools and you forge something unique with them. How poetic, huh?

How can I use this?

It all depends on the kind of event you're planning. If it's a birthday party or a smaller gathering, it's likely you'll be able to just email the form. If we're talking about a huge gala with thousands of available seats, you might want to embed the form on our social media pages and/or your website. Whatever suits you best, really.

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