Makeup Consultation Form Templates

Makeup Consultation Form FAQ

What businesses should implement this form?

Specially but not limited to: beauty saloons, hairdressers and any kind of establishment where makeup services are provided. The "not limited to" part is to show that we're not about the strict parent life, and we want to feel like you can achieve anything. Maybe you're a football coach that had a revelation last night about his players wearing makeup during a match and it leading to a massive winning streak? Go for it, girl. Besides, any of the templates will work effectively for any occasion: from a wedding day makeup to a regular Tinder date eyeliner.

How can I employ this form?

Assuming you're part of a beauty saloon, just for the sake of it (and because you look radiant today), you could either ask for your customers emails in order for you to forward the form or post it on you website/social media so everyone who follows you gains automatic granted access to whichever template and questions you chose.

Are the customisation options?

"...automatic granted access to whichever template and questions you chose." Yes. That was merely a hint. If playing around with the colors, images or the cool potential fonts isn't really your cup of tea, perhaps the possibility to include a way for people to pay through the form sounds more appealing. This works with PayPal or other payment methods (nothing indecent, pinky promised).

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