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Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey FAQ

What are the benefits of using a guest satisfaction survey?

Essentially, the same ones of providing a comfortable and pleasant stay. Assuming that guest satisfaction is among the priorities of your hotel or resort, this tool is key in order to collect and analyze the data you need. Why do you need it, you ask? To be able to improve your business in whichever way the guests suggest. This doesn't mean you should blindly follow everything they say, as the customer isn't really always right, but it sure helps to take into account the honest opinion of the people staying in your fancy building. Besides, it's incredibly user-friendly and will for sure enhance the image imprinted in your guests' minds.

Can I customize the templates?

Just as much as you can customize your hotel. This means... well... yeah, big time. Feel free to tweak around until the text, colors, design, and questions feel like a perfect suit for the view you had in the first place. Make sure to edit the questions to your interests or the specific feedback you'd like to receive. Moreover, any of the templates allow for automated data analysis, as well as the option to forward and email upon each successful form submission. In case you'd like the customers to be able to pay (whatever) through the form itself, that is also possible. We don't have a jacuzzi but we sure offer a five-star service.

How can I share these surveys?

Given the nature of your business, we'd suggest that you either collect the guests' emails to forward the form or embed it onto your website. However, the classic paper version move is always an option for more old-fashioned owners. Nothing wrong with it, it's just that the true power of the tool lies, as we said, in its automatic data gathering and analysis system. Time for you to choose, Neo.

What else do I need to know?

If you want to design a perfect survey and get accurate results check out the survey design guide.

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