Private Yoga Intake Form Templates

Private Yoga Intake Form FAQ

Who is this private yoga form addressed to?

Mainly to everyone involved in yoga or similar specialties and looking to offer their clients a more personal alternative to a group class. Around the globe, there are people who just prefer to do things discreetly. It's not our role to judge them, but to offer you the option to provide a meaningful and adequate service. Considering all spectrums of preference, one on one classes are just as much of a good option as anything else, so don't leave anyone out. They will appreciate it and you should too, as it will enrichen both your wallet and your soul.

Why do forms need to be so specific?

Because, as should you, we take pride in taking care of our customers. We want everyone to feel like they are unique (which, in fact, well, they are). This is why we believe it's important to keep our forms as definite as possible. No one likes to feel they're being put in the same bag as everyone else, only then to be separated and organized without any care. Isn't it better that there are forms for regular yoga classes, yoga classes where you'd like to know more about everyone's health conditions, and one on one versions of the prior? Let's be real. It is better.

Does it support payments and customization?

To put it simply: Yes. To put it in a more elaborate way: Yes. Our intake forms offer the option to include payment methods as well as the capacity to create a unique look you can own and show proudly, resulting in the differentiation of your center from all the dully-designed ones.

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