Daycare Emergency Contact Form Templates

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Daycare Emergency Contact Form FAQ

Is this form useful for me?

If you work at a daycare, home daycare, or any related field involving little, soft-skulled kids, it is likely you will find the Daycare Emergency Contact form useful. Or at least (god forbid), the kid whose life you save after he's eaten a bunch of clay. This form gathers all necessary contact information to allow anyone to proceed in case of an emergency. By proceeding, we mean being able to give a call to their designated contact and medical providers or 911.

Are the templates customisable?

All of them, almost as much as the ways in which a kid can get hurt. They're so creative when it comes to making everyone worry. Any of this form's templates offer a wide variety of options when it comes to tweaking around. While this might not be the most suitable place to add shiny colors and happy pictures, play around with the fonts, the design, or the questions until you feel satisfied with it. Also, make sure it remains useful and true to its purpose.

How can I use it?

Well, just email it to the parents, from whom you (or the daycare center) should have the contact information. Once you do, you can activate the automated notification upon successful form submission to cross them off the list and keep track of whose emergency contact information you have.

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