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Dance Class Registration Form FAQ

Are these registration form for me?

Do you think of dancing from the moment your eyes open in the morning to when you fall asleep? Do every person's movements evoke marvelous notions inside your brain? Do you have a dance academy (or anything close)? If you answered yes to at least the last one, you're in luck. This form provides all necessary tools to both keep track of every enrolled student and collects all mandatory information about them.

Is it customisable?

Isn't this what dance is about? Customizing your moves and editing your breathing? Yeah, probably not, sorry. There's no Billy Elliot here. What we can do is offer the flexibility (pun intended) to create a form that suits your preferences. This means you can change the color, the questions, or some parts of the design.

How can I use it?

Hand-delivering them on the street while performing Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake sounds like a promising scene, but it might not be the most efficient way to find students for your studio. Perhaps using your web or social media pages and embedding the form on there is going to provide an accessible way for everyone interested to join your class and (although we can't guarantee it) forge the next Billy Elliot.

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