Coaching Evaluation Form Templates

Coaching Evaluation Form FAQ

How do I know if this form is meant for me?

Although it is not limited to that, any of these templates can be a proper fit for any business connected with coaching. This can refer to personal coaching, physical training or just surveying the general mood of your army of executives aiming to dominate the world. If you'd like to make them feel heard, this is the way to go. It won't only help you improve your image, but also convey a sense of companionship worthy of any epic war movie from the '90s.

Are the templates customisable?

They wouldn't if we didn't care about our clients being able to express themselves through them. Fortunately for everyone, we do. It is up to you to pick your preferred template and edit everything you desire. This includes the classics, such as font and color, as well as the questions and their order. Also, the templates allow you to add logos, images, a way for your clients to carry out payments, or even an automated email being sent to you upon successful form submission. This alone should be a big enough morale boost for every coach to become Shia LaBeouf in his "Just do it" state for at least twenty minutes.

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