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Volunteer Registration Form FAQ

What question should I ask on the form?

As obvious as it may sound: everything you find mandatory in regard to the information you require. The guidelines might be to ask some questions about themselves (name, address, preferred schedule, or even their favorite Pokémon) and some more about the role they're going to play as volunteers, such as asking for their motivations, the reasons behind their application or second favorite Pokémon.

What are the benefits of using an online form versus a regular one?

It's a straight-up compendium of improvements when compared with the classic, boring way. It's less expensive (no need to print two million copies), more time-efficient (no need to hand-deliver two million copies), and easier for people to feel compelled by. And you know, it helps the environment since there will be no bins filled with the informational flyers. It's a win-win.

Are the templates customisable?

Of course! You can even make the form to send you an email after each successful submission. It's great, right? Also, feel free to change the font or the colors, the order of the questions, or... screw this: even ADD NEW QUESTIONS! What a time to be alive. We bet you didn't sign up for a volunteer in blown-minds.

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