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Photography Contact Form FAQ

What should you definitely include into your contact form?

Include the first and last name of the client, email address, phone number, company or firm name, and reason for reaching out.

How these contact forms can save time for a photographer?

Receiving all entries and complying with all queries and requests can get daunting. Contact forms allow you to set up auto-response with relevant answers. Also, each form gets forwarded directly to your email address, thus saving you valuable time.

Can a photographer accept payments through a form?

Of course, you can! All the forms can be easily integrated with popular payment processors.

How to share forms with clients?

You may place a link into your social media profiles.
If you have a website, embed the online form using the embed option on to your site.
Sending the form via email is another worthwhile idea so that you can get all information in a structured way. After that, you can send all details to a CRM of your choice.
Putting the form into a corporate LinkedIn profile can also increase the number of incoming requests.

Who is this form for?

The form is perfect for all types of photographers such as business photographers, wedding photographers, fashion photographers, architectural photographers, travel photographers, event photographers, film photographers, and other photography professionals that want to get more customers and simplify their tedious manual tasks.

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