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Alumni Registration Form FAQ

What is this form suitable for?

The three alumni forms are a proper fit for any school, college, or extracurricular activity center. Each one is a foolproof way to keep track of the alumni data, as well as make sure it stays organized. We can't ensure the people filling the form will be a good match or even a decent human being, but we can help by providing you with some tools to make the path smoother.

What fields should be included into an alumni registration form?

Let's get obvious out of the way. First, a way to know how each student is called. Yes, there should be a space for them to state their name. Also, an email address, phone number, or homing pigeon ID in case there's a time-traveling student from 3000 years ago. From this point on, it's exclusively up to the center and it's needs. Maybe you're in a music school? Include the preferred instrument list. Perhaps a college? Make sure to allow them to pick between the different options they have when to ruin their mental stability. You get the idea. It's all about saving some space for them to be able to include any information you consider mandatory.

In which way can this form be shared?

The most common display would be to embed it on the center's website. Just be sure the web properly leads you there. No one wants to lose potential applications because a student got lost in the way.
Another possible answer would be to forward it through an email. It could be that you feel more comfortable being the one who makes the first step towards building a healthy relationship with your to-be students. Or maybe you just feel ashamed of your website. Hey, no judgment here.
Now, on a slightly more solemn note, please ensure to ask for their email if you are going to be the one delivering the form.

Why is an online registration process better than a face-to-face one?

Well, according to some research done by clever people, it reduces the amount of time lost and (thank God) paperwork. Plus, the process can be reasonably fast, depending on your computer engineering skills. You can do it from the comfort of your house, receive an automatic confirmation once you finish. Besides, maybe the most noteworthy feature so far: no lines to wait behind of just because you forgot to fill your hamster's water bowl or to buy your grandma a present. Take your time. The form will wait for you.

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