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Time Off Request Form FAQ

Who these forms might be helpful to?

Although the forms are names in order to skip this step and make it a pretty straightforward part of the process, let's clarify: this one is primarily aimed at HRs, managers of medium-sized businesses. "B-but... can I use this if I own a small company?" Yes, you can. The sky is the limit.

Are they customisable?

More than you could ever imagine. Although a time off request might not be the place for flourishes, don't let your inner creative kiddie. Customize the font, the colors, the design... you name it! Make every form stand out among the rest of vague, ancient-looking ones. Not that there's anything wrong with them. It's just that ours look way cooler.

Can I get an email upon successful form submission?

We were hoping you would ask that. Unfortunately... for our competitors, we also include that option. You can make the form send an email to whoever requested the time off, a supervisor or manager. Maybe even all at once! Go crazy!

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