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Patient Registration Form FAQ

Who is the form targeted at?

Given its name, we're positive that you have guessed that by now. The New Patient registration online form is specially designed for hospitals, medical centers, and whatnot. If you are the owner of a different kind of business but you still have patients, it might be a sign that you're doing something horribly wrong.

Is it customisable?

As much as the affections of your clients! Well, it's not like they get to pick which kind of rash is going to ruin their "fishing with friends" weekends, but you get the idea. Almost everything you'll see once you pick a template is up to you to edit until it fits your needs. For example the text (the font and, you know, the words), some parts of the design, or even the ability to upload logos or photos. Perhaps some poorly drawn mural made by some lovely kids or a group of doctors gathered around a smiling patient high on anesthesia. Up to you.

How can I use the registration form?

Assuming you're asking for a hospital or a similar facility, the best way to make this form reach your patients is to either embed it on your website/social media or to email it to them once they come. You'll know which option suits you best. Of course, there's always the alternative to print them out and hand-deliver them. 1970s roleplay can help raise up the spirits!

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