Teacher Evaluation Survey Templates

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Teacher Evaluation Survey FAQ

Why do I need to use a teacher evaluation survey?

Teaching itself could be linked to people prone to growth. They're always trying to improve and help others, but what about themselves? This is the perfect tool for that since it allows students to provide honest and constructive feedback upon their teacher's methods or just their general concerns and opinions. It's just an easy way (both to collect and analyze) to look for room for improvement.

Can I customize the form?

Of course! There are plenty of options when it comes to modeling the ideal survey for you and your students, play around with the font, questions, colors, or design to make it look appealing and professional, ensuring relevant and honest responses. Kids, am I right?

How can I use this?

Easy. The usual go-to tends to be embedding the form onto a website or a social media page. That being said, this isn't the "usual". In this specific case, since you personally know (hopefully) each student the form is meant for, it's easier to just forward an email to everyone whose feedback is relevant. Try it for yourself and come back thanking us when students praise such cool initiative.

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