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Company Outing Survey FAQ

What is this questionnaire for?

The Company Outing Survey is meant to facilitate the job of organizing and gathering feedback or requests regarding an off-hour activity proposed by the company. This ranges from a hike or a fancy dinner to grabbing beers with your team until someone passes out. It is likely that you won't need a form for the latter, though. If you feel like your team would enjoy some getting together and unwinding, grab any of the templates and start forging your "wow, x was the coolest boss I've ever had" status.

Are the templates customisable?

Almost as much as the activities, you can bring to the table. We offer an opportunity for you to work on the survey until it becomes unique and representative of your company. Go crazy with it. Change the font color to red, tweak the questions to your liking or add some images of people having fun to evoke that feeling of joyous bliss on everyone who receives your masterpiece.

How can I use these templates?

Usually, the best ways to share a survey are through emails or by embedding it onto a website or social media profile. However, in this specific scenario, it wouldn't be too dareful to assume that you (or whoever's in charge) have a list of everyone's emails, would it? Assuming you're not psychos, you should be able to forward this to everyone included in the activity in no time! Please note that if you exclude someone from the fun outing just for the sake of it, the form might haunt you down for the rest of your days. Thanks.

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