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Coffee Order Form FAQ

How can I use these order forms?

It's more painless than you would think! There are three main ways to make sure people see the form, although the only limit is your imagination and the amount of effort you are willing to put into making your clients know how cool of a business you are. Simply put, you can either link it on your social media profiles, create a QR code and set up posters or distribute flyers (an optimal mix between the old and the contemporary ways) or, lastly, embed the form to your website.

Do these forms support payments?

Well, yes. Everyone's gotta eat, right? But no, seriously, these forms do support all kinds of payment processing. Now it's up to you to decide in which way you are gonna get that bread. Or... well... those coffee beans, maybe.

What fields are mandatory?

Nothing surprising, really. Make sure to ask for the clients' addresses and phone numbers. If you are including payments on the form, would be cool if you included the necessary details for people to pay you. That comes without saying, but better safe than sorry, trust us. Ultimately, if your business has a loyalty program code, offers discounts, or has any other way to gather clients around, make sure to add it so they feel loved enough to come back and place yet another coffee order.

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