Resident Satisfaction Survey Templates

Resident Satisfaction Survey FAQ

What's the use of these surveys?

It's a tool that allows landlords and property managers to keep track of each mandatory piece of feedback they require. If you're one of them, think: "What would I like to know about the residents of my building?" If your first thought was something inappropriate, take a minute to answer, even to yourself. No matter if it's about their satisfaction with the newest tennis court that was installed a couple of months ago or if it's about the quality and reaction time of the maintenance team, this is the way to ask them.

Are the templates customisable?

Almost as much as there are different ways to clog a toilet (not personal experience). When it comes to editing a template to your liking, a broad variety of options is offered to you. Change the font, its color, the questions, or the design. It's up to you to create a magnificent piece of art that will be remembered for about a couple of days. But at least the residents will see you care about them. Because you do, right?

How can I use this?

Assuming you have a contact list that includes every person that you wish would answer this form, we suggest you use that as a way to fulfill its destiny. Emails are always the fastest, easiest option. If this isn't for you, maybe you could embed a survey on your website or social media page. This only works if you'd like to get feedback from completely random people trolling someone they don't know. So yeah, probably just email those people that you would like to get feedback from. Try to measure residents' satisfaction at least annually.

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