Paperform pricing & Does it worth it?

Paperform pricing & Does it worth it?
Some people believe that the price for Paperform is too high, while others argue that it is worth the investment. In this post, we will explore both sides of the debate and come to a conclusion about whether or not Paperform is worth the price.
I like the usage volumes Paperform offers. It looks a lot more generous than many other form builders. However, the majority of features won't be available at the basic plan so you have to upgrade quickly if you want to use them.
From that perspective, I do more like Jotform's approach. They offer you almost all the features right away. Even on a free plan. This is great, although, the number of monthly form submissions isn't that generous.

Pricing Review

Paperform offers 3 pricing options: Essentials, Pro and Agency. The Paperform Essentials plan is $24/month. The Paperform Pro plan is $44/month for unlimited use and offers Paperform branding removal. If this plan is taken, Paperform branding will be removed from all your forms. The Paperform agency plan is $99/month and offers support of custom domains.
Note that the prices mentioned here are for monthly payments. However, you can save 20% with an annual commitment.
Feature Essential - $24/month Pro - $44/month Agency - $99+/month
Unlimited forms Yes Yes Yes
Form views per month 10000 Unlimited Unlimited
Form submissions per month 1000 Unlimited Unlimited
Accept payments Yes Yes Yes
Payment Accounts 1 3 Unlimited
Custom Pricing Rules for payments Yes Yes Yes
Users 1 1 5 ($5 per month for each additional)
Ability to embed a form on a website Yes Yes Yes
Remove Paperform Branding No Yes Yes
Custom domain supported No No Yes
Appointment scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Users for appointment scheduling 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom HTML No No Yes
Answer scoring Yes Yes Yes
eSignature supported No Yes Yes
Webhooks No Yes Yes
Email Responses Yes Yes Yes
Add Facebook Ads and Google Analytics pixels into a form Yes Yes Yes

Additional pricing remarks

  • Paperform doesn't offer a free plan
  • Nevertheless, you can try this form builder for 14 days with Paperform free trial
  • All plans come with accept payments feature
  • At the moment, Paperform doesn't offer HIPAA-compliant plans. However, they claim it might be available in the future;


Paperform pricing is comparatively the same when compared to other form builders such as Jotform and SurveySparrow. While Paperform offers a wide range of features, the majority of them are not available on the basic plan, which forces users to upgrade quickly.
Jotform and SurveySparrow offer almost all features right away on their free plans, making them more affordable options for those who are looking to create forms occasionally. However, Paperform has its own advantages too. I'd recommend trying all three platforms for free and then deciding which one fits your needs best.