YetPulse – Intelligent Alerts, Real-Time monitoring of your Google Analytics

Smart Alerts for Google Analytics

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How it works

1. Connect your
Google Analytics

2. Set Intelligent Alert

3. YetPulse will monitor
this metric 24x7

Intelligent Alerts

You don’t need to spend time specifying boundaries. Our system will do it for you, automatically learning from your data, building forecasts and notifying you when something goes wrong.

Get same-day notifications

You’ll get a notification about problems with your website or ads within a couple of hours.

What incidents can the system detect?

Significant decreases

Significant increases

Seasonal pattern changes

Changes in traffic

From an unexpected spike in paid traffic to a campaign that’s stopped: you’ll know about it immediately.

Changes in
conversion rate

Sudden drops in conversion rate can stop you achieving your monthly goals. We’ll give you a head’s up straight away.

Changes in revenue

If one of your campaigns or landing pages is generating less revenue than expected, you’ll know about and be able to fix it.

What the author says

As a PPC manager at an ad agency, I was responsible for checking my client’s stats in order to make sure everything was working OK.

I should have been doing this every day, but the reality was, I couldn’t. I was just too busy juggling multiple projects and clients.

I thought setting up l alerts in Google Analytics would be the answer.

But it was clear they would be hard to manage and to set up. They become useless if the boundaries set aren’t right.

On top of that, Google alerts only come through the next day. That wait could be incredibly costly.

I wanted to get notifications within a couple of hours so I could start dealing with the problem.

That’s why I built this intelligent alerts solution for Google Analytics.

After a year of using it, I decided to share it with the rest of the world to help other marketers and analysts detect and react to incidents faster.

I hope you will benefit from it.

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