How to set up your first alert in YetPulse

This is a step by step guide on how to set up your first intelligent alert in YetPulse.

Intelligent alert uses an AI powered algorithm that builds a forecast for your metric and checks it on an hourly basis. Once the value of your metric goes beyond that forecast, you will receive an alert.

This is extremely helpful for overseeing advertising traffic or revenue. Because it helps you get alerted just in an hour when you get a spike or drop in traffic, revenue or any other metric. Spikes and drops indicate possible problems. By getting an alert in real time, you can react faster.

To set up your first alert you need to be logged-in.

Create a new project

Click on a “add new site” on the home screen

Choose a name for your alert, enter it and click “apply” in the top right corner.

Connect your Google Analytics

Once the account is created, you will see your project home screen. Click on “add analytics”:

Then click “grant access”:

Then you will need to choose the Google account that you use to access Google Analytics for the website you want to add.

Then, grant permission to YetPulse to view your Google Analytics data:

Click “allow”

Click “allow” again:

Select your Google Analytics profile (or view):

You should see this:

Next, click the “apply” button in the top right hand corner.

Create an Alert

On a project home screen click the “add new intelligent alert” button:

In a popup that appears , choose the dimension that you want to oversee:

Then choose your preferred metric and click “apply”:

Once you create an alert it will appear on your project home screen:

This alert is set for all sessions from Facebook. YetPulse will check it on an hourly basis and send you an alert if there is a spike or drop in sessions.

Having problems setting up your first alert? Contact us by live chat for help.